Assisting my client from From Norfolk, VA, to Jacksonville, FL

From Norfolk, VA, to Jacksonville, FL, my clients have arrived at their new home, and I assisted them with purchasing a home.

They found me in January while I was on a family vacation. They graciously waited until I returned home four days later before sending me homes they liked.

"Beating cash buyers with a VA loan is challenging but rewarding to me," I tell my clients. We closed slightly early, and I held their keys until their arrival while checking on the property while vacant. After all, they hadn't stepped their foot inside the property yet, and I had to make sure it was perfect.

Recently, a gator was found in a vacant home in Florida, and if you use me as an agent, that won't be the case.

They were flying in, and I asked how they were getting in from the airport and they were going to get an Uber since their party was two people big for a regular car.

I smiled and told them that I would take care of it. I picked them up from the airport because I am a cool mom that drives a minivan. I always love watching my clients' faces light up when they finally see their new home. They loved it, and I finally relaxed, knowing I did a great job assisting them with this purchase.
Airport in Jacksonville, Florida

Image Description: picture sent to the Client letting them know that I have arrived.