Lopez Family Home Search


I am Alina, your potential Realtor and a Navy Spouse. I will be assisting you in your House Search Journey. 

Arrival: May, 2022

Area: Near Mayport Base

Preference: 4 bedroom, 2 bath, close to shopping, away from downtown. 

First Step: getting pre-approved so we can determine the purchase price and the limit. My preferred lender: Michelle Carn, 904-655-0040Mcarn@firstcoastmtg.com

My clients have worked with her with their VA loan transactions and she is knowledgeable, hard working and our loan closing process was fantastic. 

Regular Homes:

I set up a search for you for all the 4/2 homes up to 400k (average price for my E-5 clients) in the area and you will be receiving an email once a day when they go live. Get familiar with prices and how quickly they sell. 

Here is the map of some areas to consider:

Right now there are no new construction homes that are under 400k in the area or that would be ready in May but I am constantly in contact with all the new construction sites in the area.  

If you are arriving in the middle of May, we should start an active search within two weeks. It takes at least 2-3 weeks to win an offer and 30 days to close. 

 Text, call or Facebook message me at any time, I am always available.